This is how my brain looks and i should be doing music, yet somehow i am sitting in An academic Setting in my library trying to study Human Resource Managment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrayyyy


Coming Home after a nice night, sitting with My Friend, and her future either, Fuck, or Boyfriend, I came home and stumbled across Magic. I have a friend, and she is talented, She is talented in capturing an image, presenting it to the viewer, and making all his worries vanish. A picture is a story, and a story is a picture. For some reason i always had problems with photos, even though i my self Take them and like them. Maybe it means something about a person, when he is able to see such beauty in the world, and the Camera is his tool, to show the beauty he sees in his eyes. That is why i dedicate this Page, to some great photos of her, and wish that the world shall stumble upon it like me, and Share it with the rest of the people, who came back late to their lonely Apartments, to the sound of shaking Air Conditioning in the background, sitting in the dark, thinking of tomorrow. Like me. Kiss and Goodnight.

I am very tired,and I am trying to find some sort of a book, which i can immerse, all my insides into. I feel drained from something, and I am not sure what, even though come to think about it, it is so hot in Israel. I am not sure humans can deal with this much heat.


Bob Marley, the sensitive and Talented Aquarius, how i love him, and he excites me and inspires. Unfortunately, i can only stand Reggae, for quite a short while, and i had my period back in the day, when i listened to him every day, but i never knew what a beautiful poet he is. He writes and brings tears, this is not the first Insight of his, i stumbled upon, i shall find the second one somewhere out there....I love you Bob, did you also die at 27? hmmm.
Good Morning everyone, i stumbled last night, and i found this epic photo, I mean, look at these simple run of the mill people standing in Abbey Road, yet, if you look close enough you can see its fucking John Lennon. What is this thing everyone is talking about being 27 and dying when you are a crazy successful musician. Yesterday i sat with my friend, and then we found out about Amy Winehouse, and i didn't feel much, even though she was really upset, and she kept on telling me, "its so sad", " I am so sad". I did not say anything, and i just recalled everything in common i have with this singer. It brought me back to the days when i lived in Ny at age 18, and we had a class trip to Santa Fe, NM. The place was so gorgeous and inspiring, and its dessert atmosphere, reminded me of Israel very much. As a matter a fact, i was gonna go to cool arts school college there, and even visited the place, with my English Teacher. But, honestly, all i remember from the trip is the anguish and mis communication I had with my class mates. I can even recall an instance when this girl named Jacqueline, yelled at me hysterically at some beautiful place. She screamed at me with all her power, and said some harsh things, that even today are difficult for me to hear. She then left me there alone, while leaving with all the people we were with, i just sat there and started crying, it was so intense, and difficult on my heart. One beautiful i have from this trip, is a necklace i found. A purple Amatyst stone, for around 17$, and i was so excited. I wore it with so much pride and felt beautiful with it, of course, this stone is the stone of my Sun sign, and that is why i guess it saved me for the rest of this difficult class trip. Cheers to that.


A thought

I love going away with a friend somewhere spontaneously, as we experience something so magical and dear together, as we drift somewhere, and end up in places where we didn't think we would end up. Sometimes i find myself doing the same things and seeing the same person in the same setting over and over again, and getting out, and seeing new places with someone you love, brings you to wonderful places.. We spoke and laughed together in the brisk air of Israeli North's summer, finally i could see something around me that is different, new, fresh.
Here's to great night Road Trips of spontaneous fun, without crazy seminars to write, and peace in the soul,even if for several moments.
love, mae.