Coming Home after a nice night, sitting with My Friend, and her future either, Fuck, or Boyfriend, I came home and stumbled across Magic. I have a friend, and she is talented, She is talented in capturing an image, presenting it to the viewer, and making all his worries vanish. A picture is a story, and a story is a picture. For some reason i always had problems with photos, even though i my self Take them and like them. Maybe it means something about a person, when he is able to see such beauty in the world, and the Camera is his tool, to show the beauty he sees in his eyes. That is why i dedicate this Page, to some great photos of her, and wish that the world shall stumble upon it like me, and Share it with the rest of the people, who came back late to their lonely Apartments, to the sound of shaking Air Conditioning in the background, sitting in the dark, thinking of tomorrow. Like me. Kiss and Goodnight.

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