Good Morning everyone, i stumbled last night, and i found this epic photo, I mean, look at these simple run of the mill people standing in Abbey Road, yet, if you look close enough you can see its fucking John Lennon. What is this thing everyone is talking about being 27 and dying when you are a crazy successful musician. Yesterday i sat with my friend, and then we found out about Amy Winehouse, and i didn't feel much, even though she was really upset, and she kept on telling me, "its so sad", " I am so sad". I did not say anything, and i just recalled everything in common i have with this singer. It brought me back to the days when i lived in Ny at age 18, and we had a class trip to Santa Fe, NM. The place was so gorgeous and inspiring, and its dessert atmosphere, reminded me of Israel very much. As a matter a fact, i was gonna go to cool arts school college there, and even visited the place, with my English Teacher. But, honestly, all i remember from the trip is the anguish and mis communication I had with my class mates. I can even recall an instance when this girl named Jacqueline, yelled at me hysterically at some beautiful place. She screamed at me with all her power, and said some harsh things, that even today are difficult for me to hear. She then left me there alone, while leaving with all the people we were with, i just sat there and started crying, it was so intense, and difficult on my heart. One beautiful i have from this trip, is a necklace i found. A purple Amatyst stone, for around 17$, and i was so excited. I wore it with so much pride and felt beautiful with it, of course, this stone is the stone of my Sun sign, and that is why i guess it saved me for the rest of this difficult class trip. Cheers to that.

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