Yes, I love photography. I love it more than a whole lot of things in this world, including many desserts and sadly many people. But there are things I love more. I love the blur of colours constantly surrounding my eyes, filling them up and changing. I love walking home at night with my headphones drowning out my mind, mouthing along to the lyrics because at that moment they all seem to make so much sense. I love looking out of the windows on trains and noticing the smallest things that would usually have passed me by, and following that piece of lint floating round the room for minutes at a time. I love all of this far more than I love photography. Photography allows me to remember it all, it allows me to enjoy it all because as a photographer, my life is utterly complete and utterly my own to enjoy at my own pace. As photographers, we can do whatever we want with our lives and it was only when someone asked me “Why photography?” that I really really realized why I am in love with it. Photography let’s me live, it let’s me feel alive.
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