Everything seems a bit Hazy, and i feel like a life whore. I am throwing myself in so many different directions looking for a job. The problem is that i Don't think i know what i need and it makes it all that more difficult. I would like to work somewhere cool, and chill that i can make friends with nice people and be a little mainstream. I feel so inspired, but to lazy to execute my desires. I want to make cloths, and cut them in crazy ways, or even dye them and rip them. I need a bit of a mind fix, I can sit on the computer for way too long collecting so much information and then digesting it throughout the day. Yesterday i went to an interesting class about awareness, and what i understood from it so that your emotions are not YOU, and that when they arrive, you need to observe them like clouds in the sky. Also i understood that we cant control anything with Statistics and facts, because no perfect correlations exist, thus we cant estimate that if we act a certain way we will have a grantee of something in return. We should live our lives the best way we can, but not to control our future, yet we do it so we can observe our inner being, and make our comprehension of the reality around us comfortable for us to handle.

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