Amazing Art Inspiration by Minjae Lee

A thought.

So its happening, i am not Sure exactly what, but i feel the Ecstasy.  I think there is nothing better than sitting in a coffee ship with My lap top, music in the ears, and just feeling it in the body getting inspired, and letting the inspiration go down to the beat of the music. Of course it sounds to cheesy seeing it written, but Wadeva.
Listening to this Gorgeous song from the new movie, "Drive", its called "Under You Spell" by Desire. 
Anyhow, i don't really know what is going on in my life right now, but getting close to the "23" makes me think about My accomplishments. Surely, i can think about so many thing i "don't" want, but so excitingly, also the things i "want"  are starting to Pop.
Anyhow my blog is starting to internationally spread and the degree of happiness it makes me feel is not describable. It reminds me of this idea of "six degrees of Separation", how strongly it connects to all this special web connections formed on the web.
I am thinking about making a photo project about the foreign refugees in Israel,
hopefully so support them, and make others comprehend the Damage and responsibility Israel has in its hands. 
good day for whoever Reads. xx



Lately all that has been interesting me is art art art, and by this devine notion i stumbeled across a biogrpahy book of the Austrain Expressionist, Egon Schiele. Of cource after reading such an intense life of someone, you start to wonder and imagine their lives and get into their minds It feels so good to do that. Today when i tried to get into the mind of Egon, i started feeling this moods i had when i saw the recent movie, The Black Swan. Such rage, sexuality, and intensness of this european Austrian Fruedian Atmosphere, this yellow Color story that fills your essence with an unfamiliar sense.
So for whoever doesnt know, here are some works;

Ways to Smplify your Life, So important!!!

1. Ditch the TV (or at least turn if off). If you’re an average viewer, you’ll save over a hundred precious hours each month. An added bonus: less exposure to commercials means less desire to buy stuff, and more money in your pocket.
2. Cancel magazine subscriptions. Read the content online instead, and avoid accumulating a pile of reading material.
3. Read news online, instead of on paper. You’ll save plenty of time, and plenty of trees, by reading only the articles that interest you.
4. Get rid of excessive furniture, so there’s less to walk around, trip over, or move when you have to clean.
5. Opt for multi-functional furniture, so you can satisfy your needs with fewer pieces.
6. Get rid of excessive d├ęcor, so you’ll spend less time and effort cleaning around stuff.
7. Digitize your music. You’ll eliminate the clutter of CDs, and have easier access to your music library.
8. Download movies instead of renting DVDs. You’ll avoid the hassle of picking them up, dropping them off, or mailing them back.
9. Put items away immediately after use. It takes a lot less effort than cleaning up piles of stuff later on.
10. Have a place for everything. It makes it much easier to find things, and put them away.
11. Clean as you go. Wipe up spills, and take care of little messes before they become big ones.
12. Devise a cleaning routine. Streamline your chores into an ordered set of tasks for maximum efficiency.
13. Do laundry in large batches, instead of small ones. It’ll save you time, and reduce your energy (and water) consumption.
14. Buy enough socks and underwear to make it through a full laundry cycle, to avoid doing small “emergency” loads.
15. Wash towels less often. They don’t need laundering on a daily basis; you’re clean when you use them, after all!
16. Consolidate hobby items in designated containers. That way, all your supplies will be on hand when you need them.
17. If you start a new hobby, drop an out-of-favor one (along with its equipment and supplies).
18. Adopt the “one in, one out” rule: when you purchase something new, get rid of something old.
19. Don’t start collections. Avoid the clutter, and save your money, by channeling your energy and creativity into something more productive.
20. Get rid of one item every day. At the end of the year, you’ll have 365 less things to worry about!

21. Hang up clothes, or put them in a hamper, as soon as you take them off. Avoid starting a “floordrobe” or piling them on a chair, and you’ll have less straightening up to do later.
22. Organize your clothes by category. For example, hang all your pants, skirts, or shirts together so you can quickly find what you need.
23. Use containers to corral accessories like jewelry, watches, or scarves, instead of scattering them about.
24. Choose versatile clothing. The more ways you can wear something, the fewer items you’ll need.
25. Don’t be a fashion victim. Chasing trends is a waste of time and money.
26. Know what flatters you. You’ll avoid accumulating a closet full of wardrobe “mistakes.”
27. Don’t buy “fantasy” clothes. In other words, if you’re not a social diva, skip the cocktail dresses – reserve your closet space for the stuff you’ll actually wear.
28. Get a simple, no-fuss haircut; it’ll save tons of time in the morning.
29. Embrace your natural hair. Don’t make it straight if it’s curly, curly if it’s straight, or brown if it’s gray.
30. Keep makeup as minimal as possible, or go without. Most of us don’t need to look like supermodels on a daily basis!
31. Use multi-purpose products (like a shampoo/body wash, or moisturizer plus sunscreen) to save time and eliminate bathroom clutter.
32. Standardize your grooming routine, so you can get ready each morning with a minimum amount of fuss.
33. Don’t buy hope in a bottle, and clutter your cabinets with half-used “miracle” lotions and potions.
34. Avoid unhealthy habits, like smoking, drugs, or drinking in excess. You’ll look better now, and avoid a boatload of health problems down the road.
35. Let your inner beauty shine. A pleasant countenance and radiant smile will make you more beautiful than any cosmetics.


Inspiration for the uninspired

The Four Reliances
First, rely on the spirit and meaning of the teachings, not on the words;
Second, rely on the teachings, not on the personality of the teacher;
Third, rely on real wisdom, not superficial interpretation;
And fourth, rely on the essence of your pure Wisdom Mind, not on judgmental perceptions.


Missing The Manhattan

Sitting here by myself after a hard day, sitting for four hours trying to get a ridiculous scholarship, a warm grateful feeling rushes in. To the sound of U2 in the background, it brings me back to days of youth. Of crazy emotional adolescence rushes of night and day. Days of pimples, days of heart break, days of walking around in an unfamiliar body trying to enter it, as if its a new suit. A suit i was given to interact with, to shine with, to be with, to breath in with. Only today, even so, i can not completely say that I am wearing my suit proud, yet i have this sense in me that tells me that maybe i am walking in something familiar, and something close to me. A suit of love and of wonder, a suit that deserves health and wisdom, art and creativity, peace, and gratitude. I adore those moments that you stop, and you think, where am i now? what have i done? where will i be? and how did i change?. lately it has been happening to me  and i know its of new beginning. New beginnings make you stop to see. New beginning are times for smart reflection, and a collection of all the almighty we have received.  


Letters to One self.
a time of breezy information, of reflection, of nights thinking about old lovers, of lyrics of importance running within the mind, time of abundance of something ethereal, yet of complete loss of humanity. Anchoring to some hope that might appear clear maybe in a few years, days or months. Reading old letters to one self, seeing the all the wishes that were important came to life. Sometimes forgetting what you have asked for. Today remembering and appreciating that your wishes do get there. The requests of importance get there. Letters to one self everyone should do. Words are not lost in translations and are not lost in endless automatic and fearful behaviors, yet captured somewhere meaningful.
good day