Missing The Manhattan

Sitting here by myself after a hard day, sitting for four hours trying to get a ridiculous scholarship, a warm grateful feeling rushes in. To the sound of U2 in the background, it brings me back to days of youth. Of crazy emotional adolescence rushes of night and day. Days of pimples, days of heart break, days of walking around in an unfamiliar body trying to enter it, as if its a new suit. A suit i was given to interact with, to shine with, to be with, to breath in with. Only today, even so, i can not completely say that I am wearing my suit proud, yet i have this sense in me that tells me that maybe i am walking in something familiar, and something close to me. A suit of love and of wonder, a suit that deserves health and wisdom, art and creativity, peace, and gratitude. I adore those moments that you stop, and you think, where am i now? what have i done? where will i be? and how did i change?. lately it has been happening to me  and i know its of new beginning. New beginnings make you stop to see. New beginning are times for smart reflection, and a collection of all the almighty we have received.  

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