A thought.

So its happening, i am not Sure exactly what, but i feel the Ecstasy.  I think there is nothing better than sitting in a coffee ship with My lap top, music in the ears, and just feeling it in the body getting inspired, and letting the inspiration go down to the beat of the music. Of course it sounds to cheesy seeing it written, but Wadeva.
Listening to this Gorgeous song from the new movie, "Drive", its called "Under You Spell" by Desire. 
Anyhow, i don't really know what is going on in my life right now, but getting close to the "23" makes me think about My accomplishments. Surely, i can think about so many thing i "don't" want, but so excitingly, also the things i "want"  are starting to Pop.
Anyhow my blog is starting to internationally spread and the degree of happiness it makes me feel is not describable. It reminds me of this idea of "six degrees of Separation", how strongly it connects to all this special web connections formed on the web.
I am thinking about making a photo project about the foreign refugees in Israel,
hopefully so support them, and make others comprehend the Damage and responsibility Israel has in its hands. 
good day for whoever Reads. xx

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