Yea, OK, so Sometimes i Can be extremely Selfish and Annoying, but why does it feel to me as such a crime?!. Its as if everyone else around me is just so perfect, and always know what to do for others and how to do it for them. How come is it that when one shows the slightest bit signs of weakness and failure, other are unable to extend their arms and understand, yet instead they close their arms, bend their heads, and walk away from you as fast as they can. 
Today people bother me, yesterday they did too. I don't know what they want, how to make them happy, and when i try to ask how i can improve the answer is given to me so easily, Mae you are Selfish, think of others put yourself before others. 
But come to think of it, Of course i only decide to see the hard and negative in my life instead of focusing on such nice and beautiful things people say to me. Do you ever wonder if they are true? i surely try not to tell someone something which i don't think is true. Maybe that is why human don't get me sometimes, Because its as if inconceivable to me; how to sacrifice, unconditionally give, reach out, etc, without the truth in my heart. Maybe I am just going through an angry phase, which is okay anyhow, because undoubtedly form these points, we get stronger, bleh blah, Cliches cliches are all that's left today. And of all the all, friends and your loved ones should just give you a break and give you a shoulder and just understand you because they love you and admire all those things in you even though sometimes you mess up,( o my i sound like a teenager, but i DON'T CARE)


  1. Mae, you are such an amazing person!!

    Love this post (:

  2. i feel like i can write this for u... im so greatful that i really know u.. u beautiful soul..
    always smile, your inner smile at least..