I had just discovered that there is a Colombia film production for the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", and it makes me so curious to see it for another chance. I have watched the movie, the Swedish version one, after i had read the book. The degree of the frustration i felt, while trying to generate the vivid and strong sensations the book gave me, was massive. I was in a way angry that the film maker could not help express the extreme desire to see all my visions from reading the book, to manifest while watching the actual movie. I am writing this, because i know for certain it can be done, since I was introduced to "Game of Thrones, HBO series", which has no felt difference between the imagination and reality in its genius production and care.  Anyhow, back to Dragon girl, I can't wait to see this movie, which is released tomorrow, hoping that this time, it will bring shivers down my spine like it did to me when i read.  Lisbeth Salander (the girl who has the dragoon tattoo), come to think about it, it might be an extreme coincidence, because Lisbeth is a true Autistic Psychopath, full of rage and hate, and today i experienced an ugly sad event with a woman i used to shamefully love, who turned into a psychopath revengeful bitch. Her and Lisbeth always reminded me of each other in a strange way. Too bad that  these types of people don't intrigue me anymore, conversely, the behavior repulses , still i stay in peace,

but anyhow, I cant wait to see the "Hollywood" version,

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