Photos Canon.

So i Really really like this Rollip style Photos. You upload your photos and you pick the setting you want, and the outcome are amazing photos like the ones on top. I had a strange week, full of tangles and many emotions that went unexplained and ambiguous. The only thing i could do for myself was take a bit of time off, paint (especially with water colors, because they heal the mind), read, and just sleep. Its one of those periods where you feel you should wait it off.Wait off the sadness and confusion, the loneliness and pressure, the constant war to stay strong. Leave it all behind, and just let yourself float. Float up until you merge again within your normal self, till you reach a balance. I want to find a balance, i want to feel light, and I want to naturally flow in this world, helping the people around me, and singing to them their songs so they feel at ease and understood. May everyone's year be filled with Breathless love, support, and Wisdom
Love Maex

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  1. yes baby, thank you for your wisdom. i love you may you have the best year!!!mama