Today i was in a wonderful interesting class about Music and Society. The class is taught by such a special man that has the kind of voice that makes you feel that you are in a Multi-cultural environment, forgetting what land your feet lay upon. A passionate Italian man, bold, around 50 plus. Today he showed us a video of Billie Holliday playing at a Blues concert probably in Chicago somewhere, seeing her reminded me, brought me back to center, injected some life into me. She is a true wonder, and when looking at all her lyrics, they are just as wondrous as her penetrating voice.
"ou ain't been blue
No, no, no
You ain't been blue
Till you've had that mood indigo
That feelin goes stealin down to my shoes
While I sit and sigh "Go 'long, blues"
Always get that mood indigo"

And as for today, I am tierd of feeling inconsistent with who I am, even though what is true is that those moments of failure remind you that you, and I, are not perfect and make you comprehend that you must do  work on , and you are not perfect. A point of break and build. I dont know what i wish for myself, but i know patience can be a wonderful present in such times of no air. If i could only manage to open the skies during a freak day, breath in a piece of the solemn sky , shades of pink and blue, and get back to balance, like a taste of water on a heated dessert, like a spark of a star in a darken night.
love you all even though today it was hard

( Such wisdom of A sorrowful Genius woman, Please hear)

Lady Sings the blues
Lady sings the blues
She's got them bad
She feels so sad
Wants the world to know
Just what the blues is all about
Lady sings the blues
She tells her side
nothing to hide
Now the world will now
Just what the blues is all about
The blues ain't nothing but a pain in your heart
when you get a bad start
When you and your man have to part
I ain't gonna just sit around and cry
And now I won't die
Because I love him
Lady sings the blues
she's got 'em bad
She feels so sad
The world will know
She's never gonna sing them no more
No more

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