The Oxytocin Myth....

Woke up this morning with a phone call from my friend who is a guy, announcing that he's seen my blog, and that he likes it. He also has to mention that only posts of women are in the blog, and that he wants to see a picture of himself. Hopefully ill take photos of him soon, because he wants me to shoot his Book for an agency which is odd, but ill do well, i am sure .Now back to men, the only admiration I recently have for them is through their piercing gentle voices through the tune of a song. Its not as if I don't like men, I am actually fascinated with this vivid, simplistic, impulsive creature. Of course i can not generalize, and i Have seen some gentle incredible feminine guys. But exploring the "Manly" is what of my interest. As i myself, am born a woman, exploratory, yet a woman, I must understand the creature man, to proceed in my life, to enable myself to have healthy happy babies in a stable balanced home. After rebellious years, i do want to be accepted in society and I do want everyone to love me just like every person on this planet. No matter how calm and cool and free i might tell myself I am, once a guy comes in that might satisfy all my evoulotienary needs, i freak and my whole system shakes because If you fall on someone who is emotionally handicapped you are fucked, because than you are left alone, left with your oxytocin, menapuse shit that goes on in us NO MATTER HOW PRETTY OR SEDUCTIVE we are. FUCK


  1. ah I love what you've written, you are most definitely a kindred spirit (:

    x Sea

  2. I couldnt describe it in a better way...