so it is definitely the small things. the small gestures, the subtle cues, the untold about ways of acting in this world. Just when you think that everything is twisted and dark, and everyone in your life is acting weird in a bundled mess, especially the ones that are the closest to you, you get a wake up call. My mother says I am dramatic blogger, and she wont let me the just be. If my way in the world is the express my creativity through continuous lashes of weird dramatic gestures on my blog, then be it. Why must I seek everyone Else's, yes yes, and nods of appraisal, when i decided to do something for me, for my own. Blogging is nice, in the end it pays off, just like a wise girl once told me named Sea, is that keep being yourself and in the end you will reach your blogging goals. Yes, it might be a bit too much sometimes to show yourself out there, but also what is our there can show you what is in here. Sometimes you view the things in your life through one lens, and you stick to the normal shit, quite important, yet monotonous  shit, and then comes a moment, where you feel universal, as if you are staring at the world in many shades of light and colored lenses. 
And I finally sold a painting to a true person who appreciates my art deeply and i solute her so warmly and send her love and gratitude.............<3<3

The painting.

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