The wonder Of Music, On such a black empty night,
 Music is such a wonder, this guy Tomer Yosef, brings me to this place, that if I could put a word to the feeling it would mean true. It takes me to far away lands filled with all the flashing pictures felt as the smallest portions of happiness and wonder Iv'e experienced in the last years. Those feelings I suppose people get when they travel to far away lands and shortly when they return while looking at their photos, their heart fills with an agitated feeling of questions, and wonders of what if, and then what? longing and Joy, Hollow and Fullness.
I miss something, I long for somewhere, car, travel, window, bitch, breeze, Exploration. Walking on the sand feeling the blue air going down my body,

to vanish from the internet, and the phone for a couple days, to see the people i love all together, to laugh, go crazy, scream, take pictures, cry and just feel Ecstasy, i know it Can happen some when somehow, if you are reading this and this is directed to you, come save me and make my sentiments into felt reality.

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