I don't really have an idea of what to write, considering the fact that my life feels a bit on hold lately. A time to resume, time to inhale. Something is flowing thorough me, a lot of creativity, but creativity in a different sense than it is usually. Something of getting wiser, older, trying to let myself be, letting go? I do want that for myself, and most importantly i shall learn the process of Normalization. What i mean by that, is recognizing a situation by looking from a bird's eye view, instead of obsessively breaking  down every detail, trying to comprehend what exactly happened, how it happened, how i got there, how i left, what i felt, what others would do etc.(it doesn't stop) Living like this can get so exhausting at times, and feeling like you are the only one that feels this way, is even more exhausting. This is where the sentence "ignorance is bliss", is somehow true. When you cruise through life not pondering upon each aspect of it, you somehow experience a smother ride?!With learning how to "normalize" situations by telling thyself; "Mae, its okay everyone goes through crap, and not everyone knows how to deal with themselves", maybe it will be easier on me. Jealousy is fine, possessiveness is fine, being pretty is fine, being who you are is god damm fine. This shall be the process of my normalization that will take me to new places, where hopefully it shall reflect on my art once i start creating it once again,
love you. 

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