Sitting here in this ridiculous, empty living room, trying to contemplate which and how i should surf the web, picking at the television while its mute, connected to my headphones plugged into the past. Plugged into a sound that takes me to tunnels, to mazes puts me in a spin. My head is rumbling and spinning, and my nose feels like it is about to fall off. I think i used four hundred rolls of tissue today, and i feel all washed out. How can one produce such intense amounts of saliva in the nose, till it is coming out of your ears and eyes. I am tired, i want to be healthy already. My friend calls it "Positive Stress", which is a form of stress that weakens your immune system when one is excited and overwhelmed with the paste life is running at. I think truly what had happened is that i missed a couple hours of sleep, thus I was not able to regain them resulting in a fall out of a consistency of health I had kept till today. I am tired, and I don't know what to say, except the fact that inspiring people is the reason why it all moves, or feels like its moving somewhere and not standing on two legs waiting to fall down and deteriorate. So all you creators, please create, it feels so good. GODODODOODDOODDOd


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