Hooo, there should be an especially connecting thread for all my internet activity and my image watching to directly paste it to this blog. My Pinterest account has been taking so much from me, and have been surly doing the deed of providing me with inspiring materiel. I miss the days of writing, and I am assuming that this is the great thing about a blog, that surly people stumble upon it, at least mine, and don't really have too many expectations for my writing. So I shall do it for myself anyhow, and this is the importance of this all right?!!! I don't really care anymore what you think about me because I am what I am tilted to the left, twisting to the right, climbing up, crawling down. Anyhow, the day I reach the wishes of my super Ego, some will raise their eyebrows towards me in dismay, so what the heck right? This reminds me of this great quote I read: "Be one of those people whose Happiness is addictive", and somehow it sounds so nice. Imagine influencing every person you meet leaving a mark, a skewed stroke of something in the Mist. I want to be able to write a book so much, this is such a special way to get to them, those who want to feel their insides. Those who want to feel something inside tremble and shake to the words of the English Language, the language of beautifying Images, of Euphemisms. I find myself with the need for writing when I recieve too many slaps in my face, influx of twisted conclusions just waiting to be jotted down somewhere, either a note book, and yaka or kaka. Yet those silent slaps that just pass a warm thread down your chest and you can still remember the sensation when awakening. I am not sure where this inspiration is taking me, and that is the disease of wanting to do many things, then you get numb and stuck with laying comfortably while others do, and you wrap yourself up with a soft creativiy blanket of other's materpieces for example this intoxicating sweet song which brings me somewhere special. Such wisdom, even this four minutes have the strong influence of a great writer, X