Turn me on Like a Radio.

There is nothing i like more than Discovering and Re-Discovering the briliance in Musicians. They have it all and I am envious of them, yet to grateful for their existence, cause without the ones that decorate your soul, what will dictate the pumps of your heart's beating, if not breath taking Music. Joni is a masterpiece, and the more i get to know her, the more I fall in love with her, and in awe how she shines through her with her Sound, Lyrics, art, weird twists, and the individual touch that she only has to herself, and no one else even reaches her feet. That is why is it hard to get introduced to new modern music because it always "sounds like". Its nice to carry on the feeling of inspiration, and carry their messages across my days, and hopefully one day it shall burst out in some form of a shape into my life, and come out of me as if i was Ginny in a bottle.
If you're driving into town 
With a dark cloud above you                                                                    Turn Me on like A Radio. 
Dial in the number 
Who's bound to love you 

Oh honey you turn me on 
I'm a radio 
I'm a country station 
I'm a little bit corny 
I'm a wildwood flower 
Waving for you 
Broadcasting tower 
Waving for you 

And I'm sending you out 
This signal here 
I hope you can pick it up 
Loud and clear 
I know you don't like weak women 
You get bored so quick 
And you don't like strong women 
'Cause they're hip to your tricks 

It's been dirty for dirty 
Down the line 
But you know 
I come when you whistle 
When you're loving and kind 

But if you've got too many doubts 
If there's no good reception for me 
Then tune me out, 'cause honey 
Who needs the static 
It hurts the head 
And you wind up cracking 
And the day goes dismal 

From "Breakfast Barney" 
To the sign-off prayer 
What a sorry face you get to wear 
I'm going to tell you again now 
If you're still listening there 

If you're driving into town 
With a dark cloud above you 
Dial in the number 
Who's bound to love you 

If you're lying on the beach 
With the transistor going 
Kick off the sandflies honey
The love's still flowing 
If your head says forget it 
But your heart's still smoking 
Call me at the station 
The lines are open

© Joni Mitchell 

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