Its not meant to be

I got to share this song with the world. and even if no one heard it, at least I know I put it out there and the lucky ones will get to see it. Anyhow, today is Yum kipur in Israel and it feels like preparing to escape to a lonely island trying to get whats in store so you will not feel the total silence and boredom at its best. Somehow, if one fasts the right way without the hysteria of the so called "rules", maybe one should find redemption in the forced silence eternal thirst and hunger physically and metaphorically. My friend told me that this is how she takes those 24 hours of fasting, to cleanse, to loosen, to observe, to dive in , to objectively see your body as a tool that hold the soul. The soul that hurts the others, the self, the surrounding, the air, the waves, the cycle. Moreover, it seems nice to do it if one lives without any spiritual awareness, but today I will pass, because I chose to stay a selfish hungry bitch who satisfies her immediate needs and wants. Bam Baaaaaaaaa.
Have a wonderful year with great authenticity, joy, gratefulness, gratitiude, acceptance, wonder, creativity, love and Health, Oh and Amazing inspiring music. Kiss and love from Mae

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